Friday, January 19, 2007

the waterboys

the waterboys have announced theur new album to be released on April 2 2007. the album is called the Book of Lightening and contains ten tracks. for further info go to


a bit off topic from the usually jack bauer entry but i have got some exciting news!!!..... THE POGUES are coming to the USA again for a US tour for ST. Patricks Day and on March 17 for the saint paddys day at the roseland ballroom. im buying my tickets soon hopefully it will GA so i get front row, gaurd rail standing again. tickets are on sale Jan 20 and pre-sale for fan club members the 17. cant wait.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

He met jack bauer

recently a friend of mine, mike t had a fellow co- worker who met jack bauer aka kiefer sutherland while interning for the regis and kelly show. needless to say i was extremely jealous. imagine meeting jack bauer the defender of the faith,the sultan of swat the thirteenth apostle. how amazing.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Season Premiere part 2

Wow oh wow i was on the edge of my seat. That was one of the greatest premierses of any show i have ever seen. the writers of that show are pure genius. i love how the episode incorpateted all those storylines and they all wound up into one at the end, pure genius. i have to tell you though i new curtis would die. after reading TV guide magazines article about 24 which i read at work they alluded to his death. he was acting kind of stubborn. granted hassir is a former terrorsist hes renounced it and trying to help america. i notice that show uses motifs that really hit home, like islamic radicals and nuclear weapons. purely genius. i cant wait till next week

Monday, January 15, 2007

Season Premier part 1

wow what an exciting start. how great was it when Jack bit that guys jugualr vein. it truly brough a tear to my eye. i noticed Jack seems to be a bit scraed maybe anxious. He still is in obvious shock over his torture by the Chinease. I have been doing some reading this weekend and rumor has it that someone else will be killed off a big player. My bet is it will sadly be Curtis. Curtis and Jack this season start experiencing some tension on episode four which may lead to his death. This season will also see the introduction of Jacks brother and father. can't wait for tonight Yayyy

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Season Premier

just a reminder the season premere of the hit televison show 24 starts Suunday Jan. 14 at 8 and Mon. Jan. 15 at 8 a 4 hour event of epic preportions. watch the trailer at youtube of the Fox website( the fox news corp. 's only smart move was 24

Monday, January 8, 2007

Bauer and Death?..... A true Oxy Moron

I have heard much speculation on the alleged death of our fellow American and defender of all that is good , Jack Bauer. I truly believe that Jack Bauer will not be killed off in the next season. Jack Bauer is the heart and soul of this nation and without him I truly think this nation will go into a state of depression. Jack Bauer is the Woodie Guthrie of his day keeping the nation linked together at least for one hour of syndication and after that maybe all hell will break loose, but other than that a true peace conoseur'. Jack eats bullets for breakfast and laughs at the face of any possible threat to him.